Tall Apex Ranch Sheds

Our Tall Ranch Storage Shed is almost exactly like our Standard Ranch Storage Shed only it is a foot taller, giving you a full 8' side wall. With the 8' side walls, this shed is tall enough to install a standard 3' wide steel entry door. It also gives you more room for shelves and other tall items you need to store. The Tall Ranch is now available in both our Classic Series and Premium Series sheds.  These sheds can be customized any way you like.  You can place your shed door anywhere on the shed and many customers like to add windows for a more homey look and ton increase natural light inside the shed.  Many of the buildings shown below are pictured with an additional overhang on the eves and gables to help protect your shed and many customers prefer the looks of a building with overhangs.  Check out our custom options page and pricing page for more information on customizing your Tall Apex Shed.

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Tall Apex Shed Pricing

8' Tall Side Walls

Base Price includes:

  • 4' Wide Single Door
  • Installation and Delivery (within our standard delivery radius)
  • 30 yr. Architectural Shingles and Floor


*Sheds here may be shown with optional upgrades not included in base price

Shed Size Classic Series Price Premium Series Price
6' X 6' $1,525 $1,650
6' X 8' $1,760 $1,870
6' X 10' $2,095 $2,175
6' X 12' $2,265 $2,445
8' X 8' $2,155 $2,315
8' X 10' $2,460 $2,650
8' X 12' $2,710 $2,885
8' X 14' $2,955 $3,175
8' X 16' $3,205 $3,435
10' X 10' $2,760 $2,980
10' X 12' $3,215 $3,360
10' X 14' $3,530 $3,725
10' X 16' $3,835 $4,050
10' X 20' $4,335 $4,560
12' X 12' $3,620 $3,855
12' X 14' $4,085 $4,385
12' X 16' $4,365 $4,620
12' X 18' N/A $5,305
12' X 20 N/A $5,665
12' X 24' N/A $6,475
12' X 28' N/A $7,195
12' X 32' N/A $7,875

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For shed price comparison purposes, we want you to be able to compare our products with our competitors similar products so that you can make an educated buying decision.

Below is a list of comparable or similar sheds from our competitors. The Tall Apex style storage shed is similar or comparable to the following brand names and styles:

 Tuff Shed -Tall Ranch Or TR800 Style

Wrights Shed Company - Orchard Style

A-Shed - Tall Ranch style shed

Kong Sheds - Tall Ranch style shed


Apex Shed company is not affiliated with any of the above companies and is a family owned and operated company in Payson, Utah. We have been in the shed business since 1995.  With over 23 years of experience you can trust us to give you the absolute best quality at an affordable price.

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© Copyright Apex Shed Company Inc. 2016

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